Filozofski Vestnik
Filozofski vestnik (ISSN 0353-4510) is edited and published by the Institute of Philosophy at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Filozofski vestnik is a journal of philosophy with an interdisciplinary character. It provides a forum for discussion on a wide range of issues in contemporary political philosophy, history of philosophy, history of political thought, philosophy of law, social philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of science, cultural critique, ethics and aesthetics. The journal is open to different philosophical orientations, styles and schools, and welcomes theoretical dialogue between them.

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2015: The Issue With Kant/Aux prises avec Kant/Die Sache mit Kant

Table of Contents

The Issue With Kant/Aux prises avec Kant/Die Sache mit Kant

Introduction: The Issue With Kant Abstract PDF
Rado Riha, Jan Voelker
Ulysse en Baltique Abstract PDF
Bernard Baas
The Ethics of Psychoanalysis Encore, Beyond the Limits of Speculative Reason Abstract PDF
Tania Espinoza
Logique de la vérité et logique de l’errance chez Kant et chez Lacan Abstract PDF
Christian Fierens
What’s the Difference? Kant and Lacan Abstract PDF
Simon Hajdini
Epigenesis der Moralität Kants Moralphilosophie zwischen dem Kanon und der Grundlegung Abstract PDF
Zdravko Kobe
Das transzendentale Subjekt und sein Dawider Abstract PDF
Rado Riha
The Capacity to Sustain Receptivity Spontaneously: Imagination in Kant’s Theory of Experience Abstract PDF
Dirk Setton
D’un aléa sexuel de la normativité juridique chez Kant : notes sur la perversion comme condition quasi-transcendantale du droit Abstract PDF
Guillaume Sibertin-Blanc
The I think and its imaginary unity Abstract PDF
Jan Völker