Filozofski Vestnik

Filozofski vestnik (ISSN 0353-4510) is edited and published by the Institute of Philosophy at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Filozofski vestnik is a journal of philosophy with an interdisciplinary character. It provides a forum for discussion on a wide range of issues in contemporary political philosophy, history of philosophy, history of political thought, philosophy of law, social philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of science, cultural critique, ethics and aesthetics. The journal is open to different philosophical orientations, styles and schools, and welcomes theoretical dialogue between them.

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2013: The Structure of the Void

Edited by Mladen Dolar, Gregor Moder, Aleš Bunta, Matjaž Ličer, Sašo Dolenc

Table of Contents

The Structure of the Void

Editorial Abstract PDF
Mladen Dolar, Gregor Moder, Aleš Bunta, Matjaž Ličer, Sašo Dolenc
The Atom and the Void – from Democritus to Lacan Abstract PDF
Mladen Dolar
The Void Just Ain’t (What It Used To Be): Void, Infinity, and the Indeterminate Abstract PDF
Tzu Chien Tho
The Void of Quantum Reality Abstract PDF
Sašo Dolenc
The Concept of Aether in Classical Electrodynamics and Einstein's Relativity Abstract PDF
Matjaž Ličer
Vacuum, Colliders, and the Origin of Mass Abstract PDF
Miha Nemevšek
“Held Out into the Nothingness of Being”: Heidegger and the Grim Reaper Abstract PDF
Gregor Moder
The Repetition of the Void and the Materialist Dialectic Abstract PDF
Katja Kolšek
Himself Nothing Beholds Nothing. On Schelling’s Ontological Isomorphism Abstract PDF
Henrik Jøker Bjerre
Antinomy of the Void Abstract PDF
Aleš Bunta
Imagine There’s No Void Abstract PDF
Oxana Timofeeva
The Lack(anians). Use and Misuse of a Concept between Psychoanalysis and Science Abstract PDF
Pietro Bianchi