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Filozofski vestnik (ISSN 0353-4510) is edited and published by the Institute of Philosophy at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Filozofski vestnik is a journal of philosophy with an interdisciplinary character. It provides a forum for discussion on a wide range of issues in contemporary political philosophy, history of philosophy, history of political thought, philosophy of law, social philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of science, cultural critique, ethics and aesthetics. The journal is open to different philosophical orientations, styles and schools, and welcomes theoretical dialogue between them.
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2014: Modernism Revisited

Edited by Aleš Erjavec & Tyrus Miller

Table of Contents

Modernism Revisited

Editorial Abstract PDF
Aleš Erjavec, Tyrus Miller
The Genealogy-Complex. History Beyond the Avant-Garde Myth of Originality Abstract PDF
Sascha Bru
Modernism’s Lost Future Abstract PDF
Éva Forgács
Modernism as the Mobilization and Critical Period of Secular Metaphysics. The Case of Fine/Plastic Art Abstract PDF
Jožef Muhovič
The Avant-Garde and the End of Art Abstract PDF
Krzysztof Ziarek
The Historical Project of “Modernism”: Manfredo Tafuri’s Metahistory of the Avant-Garde Abstract PDF
Tyrus Miller
Theories of Modernism. Politics of Time and Space Abstract PDF
Miško Šuvaković
Modernism Without Borders Abstract PDF
Ian McLean
Modernism in China: Too Early and Too Late Abstract PDF
Peng Feng
Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge Abstract PDF
Aleš Erjavec
Speculations on the “International” Via the Philippine Abstract PDF
Patrick Flores
The Rational Modernism of Sigurd Fosterus. A Nordic Interpretation Abstract PDF
Kimmo Sarje
Ingmar Bergman’s Persona as a Modernist Example of Media Determinism Abstract PDF
Ernest Ženko
The Politics of Aesthetics in the Work of Michelangelo Antonioni: An Analysis Following Jacques Rancière Abstract PDF
Rainer Winter
On the Possibility and Impossibility of Modernist Cinema: Péter Forgács’ Own Death Abstract PDF
Ernst van Alphen
Rethinking Modernism and Modernity Now Abstract PDF
Terry Smith